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PUBG mobile developers are making PUBG 2


The group behind the main real fighting game PUBG Mobile is grappling with another sci-fi computer game called Vertical.

The news comes from a TechRadar report claiming that PUBG Mobile designers are dealing with another company. The designers are reputed to be working on another sci-fi shooter, but it may not be a real fight like PUBG Mobile. Additionally, the report adds that the game may take a few years to complete.

Insider PlayerIGN joins the report with a couple of screenshots showing key job opportunities created within the organization to reduce homework. He adds that it could very well be based on Unreal Engine 4 and could be an immediate continuation of PUBG Mobile. Its code name is Vertical, but it may end up being called PUBG 2.

Engineers have opened 14 new jobs for designer positions at Vertical company. These job opportunities include a Background Concept Artist, Video Editing Artist, Character Concept Artist, Lighting Artist, and much more.

Some theory proposes that it very well could be a mission-focused single player game, however that’s just gossip for now, so we suggest thinking about this data while taking other factors into consideration.



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