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Success Story of Muniba Mazari


In the soul of respecting the effective ladies of Pakistan, today we share a tale of the bravest and most versatile Pakistani lady, who turned her hardship into opportunity and gained global consideration in a limited ability to focus on time. Her audacity combined hers with her skill led to a rare achievement. She is an artisan, presenter, model, inspirational speaker, vocalist, extremist and lately she has also been chosen as the first UN Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan to push for equity in sexual orientation and empowerment of ladies and youth. In fact, you’ve hit the nail on the head. We are talking about the lovely Muniba Mazari.

This dazzling woman’s excursion into advancement was seldom easy. While pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts, she encountered a terrible street mishap that completely changed her life. She was heading from Karachi to her old neighborhood, Rahim Yar Khan. Tragically, the driver rested and the vehicle fell into a ditch. Subsequently, she Muniba received some genuine injuries that left her paraplegic. She went through an unpleasant time on earth back then. She was in extreme torture, both genuinely and mentally, and was substantially mutilated and depressed, but at the same time she was intellectually inert. However, that is not what characterizes it. She soon understood her inner strength and never let her past direct her future.

Instead of surrendering to the injustice of life and society, she chose not to sit at home and regret fate a bit, she began to fight for another life, and for another, as well as a better life. She started a fight within herself; a fight with her shattered bones, a fight with her cruel torment, and a fight with the circumstances of her locked life. She became a true fighter on the front lines of her life and in no time she moved to the top of progress.

Muniba Mazari’s Inspirational Story:

Muniba is by all accounts a genuine devotee to Colin Powell’s words that “a fantasy doesn’t become reality through wizardry; it takes sweat, assurance, and difficult work” and that is the explanation that we see her part number of accomplishments and acknowledgment’s today . Going to her de ella old energy for painting was the initial move towards every one of these accomplishments and she, when all is said and done, when called it “the best choice that I took in all my years.” That is the means by which she began shading her drab life once more. She is known to be a prestigious painter today and is showing her image de ella to the name ‘Muniba’s Canvas.’ She was additionally once employed as one of the substance journalists for Pakistan first authority site, of which Salman Taseer (late) was a CEO. Moreover, she is a social extremist and a persuasive orator today. The person who was once scared of carrying on with her life de ella is presently capable enough to encourage others for carrying on with a superior life.

Despite with the limitations of a body, she has faith in the opportunity of psyche. That is the reason she stirs the horrid personalities of individuals, building up a feeling of expectation in them and motivating and advancing them in the most ideal manner. Additionally, she isn’t just filling in as an anchor on PTV, yet she additionally left her surprising imprints in the field of displaying by turning into ‘Pakistan’s first wheel-seat bound model.’ But the most significant of everything is that Muniba has been named as Pakistan’s first female Goodwill Ambassador by UN, who will advance sexual orientation standard and the strengthening of ladies. She has additionally been highlighted in BBC 100 Women List for the year 2015.

Such is the story of an ‘iron woman’; the person who never let her wheelchair dominate her, and the person who never let her life locked away from her out of her hardship and her imputation. She used every force; she had in herself and the use of her, as well as the best use of her. She never got involved or hid from the tragedies and irritation of life. She faced them and proved to be the best fighter; the champion who took her independence from her prison world and the heroine who won her fight against her miseries and misfortunes. One cannot see the value in the light, except if one has tasted the dark; You cannot see the value of well-being until you have proven infection, you cannot see the value of strength until you have proven deficiency; You can pivot, you can make the past a main impulse to keep you going and never again fall into misfortunes and torture. and Muniba Mazari is a living image of such an individual. She has taught everyone that these miseries and sorrows in our lives are not intended to crush us; however, they are approaches to progress if properly understood.



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