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John Cornyn says he doesn’t think Biden is mentally inadequate

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) doesn’t really accept that President Joe Biden is intellectually inadequate, as he showed in a new tweet. Basically, he was raising a statement from somewhere else, he clarified Sunday.

Cornyn confessed when he was tested on Chris Wallace’s tweet on Fox News Sunday.

The Republican administrator had criticized Biden on Twitter for not tweeting Donald Trump much, using “traditional” tweets and not appearing on news programs. That “welcomes investigation. Are you really in control?” the rep tweeted.

Wallace asked, “Is it helpful to tweet about President Biden’s intellectual abilities?”

That’s when Cornyn said the contemplations in his tweet weren’t really his. He had withdrawn the comments from an article in Politico, without impressions of statements or attributions. At that moment he attached his suggestive question.

John Cornyn doesn’t think Biden is mentally inadequate

In Cornyn’s actual words: “Actually Chris, thanks for the research, as I think there has been a lot of mess in the Twitterverse about that. That was actually a statement from a Politico story that I tweeted and then he basically raised a query. ” (Watch the video above).

Wallace pressed once more: “Do you have questions as to whether Joe Biden is really in control and if, to be honest, is he capable?”

Cornyn again angrily withdrew: “That tweet was not intended to recommend anything about the president’s competence, be it physical or mental. I realize that some groups have recommended that, [and that] it was certainly not my goal. Just I tried to adapt the way of speaking with the truth. Also, we need the truth to coordinate with the way of speaking, and it does not coordinate with the present moment. “

So, don’t bother.

Washington Post political columnist Aaron Blake criticized Cornyn’s “terrible innuendo”. In the tweet a week ago as more evil than confusing. Blake argued that it is important to a secret account that Republicans are pushing for Biden to be controlled in one way or another by imagined obnoxious artists such as Vice President Kamala Harris, the main lady and the main lady of the shadow to stand firm on that. situation.

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