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Broadband customers in Pakistan soared to 100 million

Broadband customers in Pakistan soared to 100 million:

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) said Saturday broadband customers in the country have soared to 100 million.

The telecommunications agency, in an explanation, said that 87% of the population approaches the web at the slowest pace. Also, the normal download speed is 17.7 Mbps and the transfer speed is 11.3 Mbps.

Broadband customers in Pakistan soared to 100 million

However, the global broadband speed test website Ookla, which shares February measurements,

says that Pakistan’s normal fixed broadband download speed was 11.35 Mbps, while its transfer speed was less than 11.35 Mbps. held at 10.7 Mbps.

5G Technology

The next innovation pattern that follows the IoT is 5G. Where 3G and 4G innovations have allowed us to browse the web,
use information-based administrations, expanded data streams for real time on Spotify or YouTube

PTA added:

The PTA added that the number of web clients in Pakistan was below 2 million in 2012. However, after 3G was implemented,

the number of clients in 2014 increased to 16 million.

Each of the four portable operators (CMOs), SCOs, and fixed broadband operators, including PTCL, currently have broadband memberships in excess of 100 million.

It has become conceivable with the increasing use of information administrations in every part of the public economy, the ubiquity among customers, and the presentation of new and creative administrations by the administrators.

The telecom area of ​​Pakistan has reached a huge number in advance, for example by achieving 100 million portable memberships in 2010, showcasing the first biometrically confirmed SIM cards across the country in 2009, and implementing the world’s first open-source device identification registration and blocking system (DIRBS). ) in 2019.

The PTA praised the customers and specialist co-operatives for achieving this milestone and stated

that the crossing of the 100m benchmark would soon be officially praised by all partners and the public/global telecoms region.

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