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Napoleon Hill biography, interesting facts and achievement


If you’ve heard the statement. . . “Think and grow rich,” then, you already knew about Napoleon Hill. He is the person responsible for introducing the saying and keeping in touch with one of the best books ever, named in this capacity.

Napoleon Hill was born in 1883 in Wise Country, Virginia. He was young, with staggering potential, and at the age of thirteen became a mountain columnist in the area. Moreover, from humble beginnings, he has become the grandfather of the individual performance class and has touched invaluable millions with his mindset and performance mantra. . . “What a person’s brain can consider and accept, it can accomplish.” He was the chief writer who explained and revealed the connection between progress and the forces of the psyche; and the goal of all devourers has become the central foundation of current inspiration.

Despite having to support his own schools, given the early shortcomings of his peoples, he became perhaps his most popular inspirational creator and the initiator of a “non-beneficial” training foundation. to promote a mindset of administration, self-inspiration, and individual performance.

He died on November 8, 1970 – a painfully lost pioneer, illustrating individual beliefs and a person’s performance. Yet the effect continues after that.

Early years

He was born in the “rosy” city, “Pound,” “Savvy Country,” Virginia in October 1883 — a prophetic name for what his future accomplishments hold for him.

He became a tramp even before he was 13, as both men went on. Because of his misfortune, he was known to be a defiant child. After all was the same, he worked as a “mountain correspondent,” writing articles for a nearby newspaper, and articles at the age of 15 for some modest community magazines. Saved to graduate.

Tragically, on the grounds that he had not brought in enough cash to cover the costs, he had to go beyond the legislation. The composer’s energy soon presented him to many wonderful and captivating individuals. While meeting and speaking with one of these persuasive individuals, he accepted an open door that commits more than 20 years of his life to “characterizing the inability of individuals to be unable to move forward and achieve satisfaction”.

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Leap forward – meet Andrew Carnegie

His landmark turning point and deep-rooted aspirations were found in 1908 when Napoleon Hill worked for one of Bob Taylor’s magazines and dropped out to talk to perhaps the most convincing man of the age, the industrial monster Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was the industrial magnate of Pittsburg Steel, a very rich man. During the meeting he posed a long-term challenge to Napoleon Hill, which he recognized, and that changed him.

Carnegie had a clear belief that “the course of her. Well-being can be summed up as a solitary recipe that anyone can comprehend”. Similarly, he expressed, “what a shame it is that all ages must experimentally discover the best approach to development when the standard of performance is obvious”. Carnegie’s test was that if Napoleon could concentrate for 20 years without pay. He would jointly settle the level of performance from the country’s most significant financial managers and pioneers — looking for common factors in their accounts; it was then that he introduced Napoleon Hill to the richest and most efficient people of the time. He answered the call and over the next 20 years has met and met more than 500 effective individuals, many of whom are great magicians ”. Among them were John D. Rockefeller, Alexander Graham Bell, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and several other contemporary monsters.

Because of his more than 20 years of research, he has become the leader and distributor of his own ‘Slope’s Golden Rule Magazine’, sponsoring various research courses and distributing various works, including ‘The Law of Success through the Philosophy of Results’ and ‘Ladder of Success;’ and an exceptional home concentrate course (Volume 17), “Mental Dynamite”. Another result was that he became Carnegie’s advisor and President Franklin Roosevelt’s neglected guide from 1933-36.

Think and grow rich

His startling book, “Think and Grow Rich,” has progressed reliably and provides some exceptional insights for some; even after 70 years, it remains in the top six best business softcover books.

Since the beginning of the post-decline period of the 1930s, where it has sold more than 1 million copies. It has not stopped the result of breading among the many readers it has come in contact with. Currently, more than 30 million copies have been sold worldwide.

The book was a recipe and source of inspiration for every American visionary, “who dares to think of a thought,” and that’s just the beginning. . . – who dares to trust him. Napoleon’s philosophy of individual performance; in the personalities of its readers — fascinated with the imaginative depiction and understanding of the law of fascination. This book has unearthed the treasure towards the end of the rainbow for Napoleon Hill. And still reveals the essence of performance to individuals who are still trying to review it today.

He took his cherries from the many financial managers they were sent to meet and separated the basics of performance thinking and then handed them out as soon as he was put to the test as a young man.

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Difficulty – restart

With the great living, tumultuous achievements of the 1940s and the achievements he encountered during Napoleon’s trip. He fell apart as he and his right half, Rosa, fell out of their relationship; an extraordinary chasm began to separate them. It ended in confused separation, and Rosa left with her basically sovereignty of “Think and Grow Rich!” The purpose of each devourer was, in a true sense, captivated by him.

He moved to South Carolina to start again, according to William Plumer-Jacobs. William was the head and distributor of a school; asked Napoleon Hill to create and print a 17-volume personal growth concentrate course called “Mental Dynamite”. The beginning of the First World War, the division of paper and creation, unfortunately interrupted the business.

Partnership with W. Clement Store

While Napoleon Hill was speaking in Chicago, after the downturn of the 1930s. He had no idea how much his book, “Think and grow rich,” had influenced the head of the U.S. Combined Insurance Company until the president, W Clement Stone, began to chase his head. Mr. Stone fought during the downturn and at one point accidentally found the Napoleon Book and aroused his interest in the work so much. He bought many copies for his business colleagues. After publishing the copies to all of them, he soon began to accumulate his fortune as the sellers immediately rose in their abilities and dominated their performance.

The couple soon formed a scholarship and by 1952 they had joined the organization, creating many books, courses, radio and TV shows, and so on. “Performance Magazine.” The configuration of this magazine was like Napoleon Slope’s Golden Rules Magazine.

In addition, they co-composed the book “Performance through a Positive Mental Attitude,” which became a momentary success in 1960.

Thoughts are things philosophy

Napoleon’s philosophy, “what the human psyche can imagine and accept can realize,” gelled W. Stone’s own individual mindset — “aspects are things,” and from this Napoleon began to instruct the individual to show their own well-being by; they essentially offer thoughts to other similar people.

He explained with conviction and confidence and the importance of the “brilliant principle” to understand the difference between local supply and trade with the local area.


Because of a test performed by the tycoon Carnegie, Napoleon discovered his message and changed (and constantly changes) many of his lives, including his own. Through his many works and introductions, he created during his lifetime, his influence continues afterwards. His open trust in Christ and his mindsets of “what the psyche can achieve if it accepts” have become the norms and educators of “reasoning for performance” around the world.

The recipes for discovery that Napoleon created in his long-term search for effective individuals actually hold countless millions responsible for his own life and results; to realize an important life that was unimaginably never accepted.

His books sold a huge number of copies and he did not avoid controversy within the papers. He created about things like prejudice, servitude, war, persecution, and need. He showed a mindset of permanence and effectiveness, paying little attention to deterrents.

Carnegie made Napoleon fit him on the show. . . “Andrew Carnegie, I’m not just going to approach your accomplishments in everyday life unless I challenge you in the post and pass it on to the presentation.” Napoleon’s reaction was a complete disagreement, expressing that it could not occur in any way, form, or form. Anyway, Carnegie squeezed her and said, “Obviously I know you won’t have a chance unless … or until you trust her! Will!” Napoleon’s life may not have gone past him in this form, though it shook him and in some ways. . . for his immense abundance was gathered by a vast number of persons who seized Napoleon’s message and later began to prepare themselves with incredible results.

Napoleon’s last book was distributed after his death on November 8, 1970. He summarized his own life in his basic title. . . “You can do your own miracles.”


From the youthful, defiant “mountain journalist,” without a family — to the founding grandfather of “the union between progress and the power of the psyche”. It has to do with his name that he has influenced the vast majority throughout history, in the class of inspiration and performance. It’s not terrible for someone who dropped out of graduate school because he couldn’t fund his own schools at this point.

His deep-rooted mantra, “what the human spirit can consider and accept, can do,” and his highly successful book; “Think and grow rich,” told the whole world how to best take responsibility for their own well-being; and acquired one of America’s most beloved persuasive writers. He has sold more than 30 million copies of his titles in his lifetime, and even today. This book holds its place among the best paperback books in business.

During his many meetings, he learned from the most convincing people of the day and passed on that intelligence and the intelligence of these excellent players. He has separated this cunning into a number of volumes and compositions, and immortalized it as an equation of progress, and can be taken in the hands of anyone.

His commitment to the test set by Andrew Carnegie, the richest man of the day, completely changed him. The fact that Carnegie appointed this young guy and guaranteed to put him in front of the most influential people of the day has awakened the world to the influence of simple norms that are truly “obvious”. And so, even after his death in 1970, Napoleon’s studies continue to copy something very similar inside an infinite number of other people who have incorporated his most remarkable way of thinking, “Think and grow rich”.

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