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Self Driving Technology Car in Pakistan

Self Driving Technology Car

Pakistani carmakers have begun to integrate new technology into their vehicles in recent years, thanks to the influx of market competition. Components such as infotainment units, satellite navigation systems, cruise control and many other driver assistance functions are starting to become commonplace in some cars, while others are still catching up.

Nonetheless, it seems inevitable that these features will be built into every car as they quickly become necessary in today’s fast-paced world, both on and off the road.

introduction of such technology

Self Driving Technology Car

Self Driving Technology Car

A number of individuals and companies are currently working on the introduction of such technology in Pakistan, one of which is Sedenius Technologies – a Pakistan-based IT services company specializing in the design and development of software for autonomously driven vehicles.

The company was established in 2018 and registered in 2019 as a subsidiary of Sedenius Engineering GmBH, a German company offering software solutions in the field of autonomous and automated driving. In a short time, the young startup has won the trust and patronage of leading European carmakers, namely Audi, BMW and Volkswagen.

Sedenius Technologies, which has gained a strong reputation in the international market, is also targeting the developing automotive market in Pakistan.

Aadil Jaleel Choudhry, Chief Technology Officer of Sedenius Technologies, shared the company’s way of operating and future goals with ProPakistan.

Here are some highlights from your conversation:

Self Driving Technology Car

Current target market
Sedenius Technologies provides its services to the European automotive market. European automakers are working to accelerate the development of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) to keep pace with Tesla, General Motors and other leading automakers in the field.

Choudhry stressed that the development of such systems is also aided by the fact that European governments are slowly making these features mandatory for carmakers to ensure maximum safety on their roads and highways.

The company is currently developing ADAS, which will be calibrated and modulated with technologies such as Robot Operating System, Multisensor Data Fusion, and the Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework, all of which will be further honed by several virtual test management modules before they become available. they are built into vehicles.

Scope in Pakistan

Self Driving Technology Car

Choudhry said the Pakistani automotive industry has recently started to develop in terms of integrating technology into vehicles. He noted that while companies such as Haval, MG and Changan are making progress in this area, the industry still has a long way to go before ADAS is normalized.

He highlighted that there are several infrastructure problems with roads in Pakistan that do not allow autonomous driving technology to function properly. “The roads here lack proper signage, which hampers the system’s ability to read them and respond accordingly,” he said.


Self Driving Technology Car

The CEO also drew attention to the fact that local traffic conditions are difficult for the system to guess, and motorists tend to improperly comply with the TRAFFIC, which is also difficult for the computer to handle.

“Don’t get me wrong, our systems are quite intelligent. But it would take more than the current intelligence ratio for our systems to wade through the dense traffic at Raja Bazar, ”he explained.

In light of these concerns, Choudhry said the current scope of the company’s technology in Pakistan is limited, but acknowledged that the industry is moving in a promising direction.

Technological integration in Pakistani vehicles

Choudhry said their current mode of operation involves in-house software development, which begins with research and culminates in software that can be installed in autonomous cars under development.

He noted that the company is also involved in IoT, hardware design and the development of non-ADAS applications, which includes the procurement of basic components such as sensors and chips and their programming.

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“The system is subjected to various tests to ensure its reliability. If it fails, we go back to the drawing table, but if we succeed, it goes into mass production before it is installed in vehicles at the time of production, ”Choudhry added.

He reiterated that Sedenius Technologies is currently active in the European automotive market and is also actively seeking to establish close relationships with Pakistani automakers in order to offer them this solution.

He added that the government needs to ensure that the right infrastructure is in place and that traffic rules are strictly enforced for ADAS technology to work properly, and revealed that the company also has an interest in providing infotainment units as a short-term goal.

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